The Project

Wollar Solar Farm

The solar farm will be located on the western side of Barigan Road approximately 7km south of Wollar, around 50km from Mudgee. 

Wollar Solar Farm will have a capacity of up to 280MWac and comprise approximately 660,000 solar panels across almost 500 hectares.

This site was selected because of its excellent access to local and major roads and its close proximity to the electricity transmission network, which is approximately 900m east of the solar farm and will be reached via an existing overhead transmission line crossing the site.

Before construction could begin, a section of Barigan Road was upgraded to accommodate additional heavy vehicles and an access road from Barigan Road onto the site was built.

Mudgee-based civil engineer A1 Earthworx carried out this work.

Construction began in early 2023 and is expected to be completed in later in 2024

The solar farm will have an estimated working life of 30 years, after which all above ground infrastructure can be decommissioned and removed.

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