Wollar Community

Wollar Solar Farm is committed to supporting the local community during construction and operation.

Throughout the project’s construction and operation we will strive to be good neighbours by minimising the impact of our activity on the local environment.

We are always happy to consider sponsorship opportunities and hear local people’s feedback so please get in touch using the contact details below.

We will also circulate regular newsletters to keep our neighbours informed, as well as specific notifications ahead of significant work starting. Local residents can also choose to receive these by email and sign up for SMS notifications.

Community Fund

The Wollar Solar Farm Community Fund will help share the project’s financial benefits with the local community.

Over the course of the solar farm’s working life, we will contribute an annual sum to support good causes in the local community.

While the project is being built we will work with local people to draw up a framework for the fund that suits Wollar, ready for launch after the solar farm is in full operation.


Wollar Solar Farm is committed to working with local communities to achieve its future aspirations. We aim to do this by building partnerships and working collaboratively to achieve common goals that make the communities in which we operate a better place to work, live and grow.

Our Sponsorship Program is one of the ways we support organisations and initiatives that benefit our local communities and their future generations. Funding through this program is provided over several funding rounds and the guidelines outlined in this document are designed to help ensure Wollar Solar Farm is providing support in the areas that will deliver the best outcomes for the community.

Learn more here.

Community Information Sessions

These sessions, held in Mudgee, were well attended with residents from the nearby areas of Wollar and Mudgee dropping in to speak to the project team, ask questions and learn more about the project.

  • Thursday 16th August 2018 – Pre-approval Phase
  • Sunday 2nd May 2021 – Approval Phase
  • Thursday 15th December 2022 – Construction Phase

Keeping the community informed

We aim to regularly share up-to-date project information and keep an open dialogue with local residents, community groups, stakeholders and the wider community on interests and issues relating to the project.

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