Wollar Solar extends deadline for Sponsorship Program submissions

Following the strong launch of its Sponsor Program in August last year and the high level of interest in the second round of funding, Wollar Solar today announced it will extend the deadline for Round 2 submissions to Friday 16th February.

More than 20 submissions were received as part of the opening round of funding in late 2023 with four local projects being supported.

Interest in the Sponsorship Program has continued through to the second round with the decision to extend the submission deadline based on the number of organisations showing interest in the Program.

Head of Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations, Karl Schubert, said the two week extension will support local community groups finalise their submissions after the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

“We know the December-January period can be a busy period with many competing priorities,” said Mr Schubert.

“Extending the submission deadline by two weeks will allow those organisations who were close to finalising their proposals, but weren’t quite ready to submit, put the finishing touches on their submission without fear of missing out.

“Our aim is to ensure the entire community can benefit from the Sponsorship Program so providing an additional fortnight for submissions to be finalised, will ensure we get the best applications that will result in the best outcome for the community.”

This is the second of four funding rounds with community groups and organisations invited to submit applications for funding for a wide variety of community-based activities, events, initiatives and projects. According to the Program’s guidelines, priority will be given to not-for-profit organisations geographically located within the vicinity of Wollar Solar Farm.

“We were thrilled with the number and quality of submission in the first round last year and we are excited to be able to have another opportunity to assess what we are confident will be some great community events and project,” Mr Schubert added.

“We are committed to supporting the local region and ensuring programs such as this deliver the best outcomes for the community.

“We are especially looking to provide funding to projects that deliver demonstratable outcomes in the areas of economic development, health and fitness, research, youth development, education and training, First Nations, environmental sustainability, or activities that seek to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for the community.”

Wollar Solar Farm has allocated $32,000 across four funding rounds from 2023 through to January 2025. Round 1 was announced in September last year, with the Magic of Christmas in Mudgee event and the Riding for the Disabled end of year presentation, two of the four successful funding recipients.

Organisations and community groups are also encourage to submit applications for in-kind support, material donations or volunteer assistance.

Community groups who submitted an application in Round 1 can still apply for Round 2 and future rounds.  Applications must be submitted online or via email.

To apply please visit: https://wollarsolar.com.au/community/community-sponsorship-application/  If organisations, individuals or community groups require assistance with their submission, please contact info@wollarsolar.com.au or call 1800 700 743.

For more information about Wollar Solar Farm visit  https://wollarsolar.com.au/ or for the Sponsorship Program visit https://wollarsolar.com.au/community/sponsorship-program/.

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